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Eurpass - Tablets and smartphones

During the period 12. march - 17. march 2018. I attended the course "Tablets and smartphones: using mobile devices as educational tools - ERASMUS+"

Day #1 (12.03.2018.)
First day of the course we met other participiants and introduced ourselves, schools where we work and our hometowns and countries. Also we learned what school systems are in other countries. We talked about what ICT tools we use on our classes and what are the opportunities. I was surprised that in Estonia classes lasts for 75 minutes. After introduction we made FB group for the course and talked about what we will do during the course.

Working in class

Day #2 (13.03.2018.)

Second day started with introduction of applications that we will learn how to use. First app was Study Stuck. This app is good for learning language. You can choose between several options (matching, crossword, quiz, flashcards and hungry bug). In this app you choose the subject and option, than you share it to students and they easy learn strange language. We also learned how to make our own cards for app so we can manage what we need to teach students.
After the break we started with another very usefull app Ed Puzzle. This app is very good for "flipped classroom". You can send video to your students and track information about did they watch the video and how many times. You can add comments to the video you think can be usefull for students. Also you can add questions that students will answer. For first we logged in as a students, after we learned how to log in as a teacher and how to manage the video. We can share existing video or make our own. Very nice app for working in small groups. We tried all possible functions of the app, and were very satisfied.
After lessons we had organized city tour based on historical themes, and it was a great 2 hours tour into the history of Florence.

Still working...

Exploring history of Florence

Day #3 (14.03.2018.)

Wednesday was reserved for Fun Easy Learn, another great and usefull app. This app is great tool for learning languages. It uses photos, written words and audio. We also learned how to create our own cards for words and how to record audio for cards. App has more options for learning: choose a word (you see picture and need to tap on correct answer), listen and choose (you hear the word and need to tap on correct answer), match words (you need to match corret answers). Also app has different levels. as a teacher you can see statistics of students progress.
After the break we started with Kahoot!. I worked with this app before, so I talked about my experiences with Kahoot! and how I use it in class. After we saw all possibilities of this app we enjoyed great competition using Kahoot!.

Kahoot! quiz

Kahoot! quiz

After the break we continued with another interesting app Quizezz. With this app you can choose topic and let students compete. You can play live online with other users worldwide or make a group for competition. Students can also play online live with each other or they can do the qiuz at home for homework. As a teacher you can always see their progress and which parts you should repeat for better understanding.
Last part of the day we learned about another great quiz app named Quizlet. This is no a real quiz game, but can be usefull for learning languages. The best part of app is that you can make test for students on any topic you want with a different types of answers (right/wrong, match, multiple answers, type right answer correct).
After lessons we had another guided city tour, but this time based on cultural theme. It was great 2 hours of getting into cultural monuments of this beautiful and very culturally rich city of Florence.
Exploring culture of Florence

Exploring culture of Florence

On the hill

Day #4 (15.03.2018.)
Fourth day was a little bit creative. We learned how to use Canva app and we were making posters, bussines cards ect. so we had to be very creative at our work, which wasn't hard for our group. After Canva we met Emaze ,another great instrument to work with and make our old ppt presentations modern and more interesting. Very usefull app.
After the break we started with another one cretive app, it is  Simple Minds. Great app for making our own maps of mind to make learning easier.
The end of working day was reserved for Edmodo. Usefull app for working with your class. This app is good because even parents can check out what their kids do or have to do. It has a lot of posibilities for using in class.
After the class we visited Uffizi gallery to get involved with all those beautiful paintings, and it was really great.

Creative work...

At Uffizi gallery

Day #5 (16.03.2018.)

Last day of course started with Edmodo, which we learned the day before. After we finished Edmodo we had fun learning how to use DU Recorder. We learned what we can do with this app and then recorded our own videos and shared with each other.

Almost finished course...
After the break we talked about how we are satisfied with the course, and  ofcourse everyone is really satisfied with everything we done those 5 days. I am really glad that I was part of this great group and great course. We spent  wonderfull time together, I met very nice people from all over the world and hope we will stay in contact. If anyone wants to participate this course I warmly recomend it.
With teacher Bulent and certificate

With my new friends and teachers Bulent and Iacopo

Florence, city where we learned together